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I went out the whole day today and went home at 11 plus.

Today in the morning around 8, I am already up. I could not believe that I was up so early even it was a Saturday morning. So woke up doing nothing but laying on bed staring at the celling waiting for the time to pass so I would go and bath and get out of my house. Took a shower at about 10 plus but I was waiting for Mr Allibert to get prepare to get out of his house. Waited for him to bath and meet me to accompany me to pay the bills. End up, we reached the place at around 11 plus. We went to Town Council to pay something which I got no idea what is it about, just know that my mum asked me to help her pay. After that, we went to pay the bills and it is like a LONG queue. There is this grandma and uncle, one standing in front of me and the another at the back of me. The grandma was complaining to me that the queue was so long and the lady at the counter is taking her own sweet time doing her things and went in about 10-15 minutes. The uncle who was standing at the back of me was complaining, somehow shouting at the other person who was standing there servicing the customers when they come in. He said that the lady was wasting his time and he waited for a long time, the counter only left with two people serving the people in the queue. The person apologized and asked him to go to the other counter on the extreme right to pay his bills. When he was done, he was complaining that the service and attitude of the staffs was bad and he is going to complain. After the guy has left, the aunties behind me were started talking about how long they need to queue even they paid the bill for awhile and leave straight after paying the bills. While waiting for my turn, I keep on looking at my watch and hope that it would be my turn soon. But the soon was like so long as I waited for about forty-five minutes before it reached my turn. When down to Bugis, the Mickey Industries shop is having a closing down sales and the shirt is so CHEAP. I went there to look for the clothes I want but I only manage to get one clothes that I like and it only cost nine dollars. Shopped for awhile at Bugis and there is like nothing I wanted to get. Planned to get a formal shirt at Bugis but it was too expensive. So we went down to Orchard by train, we walked around at Takashimaya to look for the formal clothes but could not manage to find one. So both of us walked around and started buying things to eat. We looked at our watches and it was about 3, we got no place we want to walk so I suggested that we head home (won't spend any money when we are home). I went to his house as I don't want to go home, if I go home, I won't want to go out and I was meeting my friend to have dinner together. So went to his house to have a nap, I was like so tired, slept for about an hour or so and I woke up. He went to meet his friends while I waited for my friend at the bus-stop to come and fetch me.

My friend reached about 7 plus and he asked me what I wanted to eat when I boarded his car. I suggested that we go to Great World and eat. So we went down to Great World to have a walk and we went to find one of our friend. The three of us talked for a while and I brought him to see her boyfriend, at the same time, I bought him a hand-phone key-chain which is so cute. He felt that her boyfriend looks like our age but I think he look like a gangster (I know I am very bad for saying this, I am sorry). We walked for a while and went to the area near Spize to have our dinner but he couldn't parked his car so we ended up going to The Central to have our dinner (I suggested going there). He parked his area at a place far from The Central as his car was not able to get in to the basement car park. So we walked there, while walking we talked about many things. I could really talk to him about anything under the sun. I am really glad to have him as my friend. We went to Waraku which sells pasta and not the Waraku that sells Japanese food. I wanted to have a taste of the Waraku pasta, I didn't try it before. So we waited for about 5-10 minutes before we could get a sit. We sat down and started to order our food as both of us are like so hungry and we needed food. We tried each other's food and it tasted really nice. We sat there and talked for quite some time before we leave and he was so nice that he treat me to the meal (thank him a lot). While walking back to the car park, we saw people playing with a so called electronic toy which can fly in the air and the toy was like stars but it was colourful and so beautiful. I had a really good chat with him after like so long. He sent me to my boyfriend's house as I wanted to collect the cake from him and asked my friend not to wait and he can go first. I took the cake from my boyfriend and he sent me home. So now I am blogging my day today. It was really a fun day.

Now, I am trying to enjoy my day as much as possible because I would be busy soon. Need to rush for my projects and got to do it properly. So I would be blogging as much as I am now. Anyway, good luck to everyone. Hugs and Kisses to my sweetheart, darling and dear.

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